Literacy Lady PDX


3777 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR 97202

Born out of the idea that children need a space to be who they are, without judgement or expectations, Literacy & Play class is focused on bringing children together to share a space to learn & grow.

We will start each class by coming together in a circle to welcome our friends with a song. Class will include storytime, music and learning rhythm. Oh, and don’t forget the bubbles. We will then have an activity/craft that goes with the theme of the class. There is always play involved in class too!

Caregivers can expect to spend 45 minutes building community and connection with the child in their life. Caregivers have also been known to find other caregivers to connect with. The main goal for literacy class is to nurture a love for reading and bring children and caregivers together as a community.

Class themes change with the season, so there is always something new to learn!

When I am not holding classes, you can also find me doing storytime in the Literacy Lounge at Playforest in the Brooklyn neighborhood.